• Enjoy our Delicious Popcorn!

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    For special events, or when there is no particular occasion at all, why not offer friends and family the unique taste of Crazy Maizys Fabulous Popcorn Factory?

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  • Enjoy Over 40 Unique Flavors!

    Prices start from $2.99

    We offer a variety of flavors including strawberry, apple, cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, white cheddar and many more!

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A little history about popcorn!

The snack industry has steadily grown since 1970 with the United States as the world leader in production of popping corn. The states primarily responsible for growing this national favorite are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Kentucky. Americans currently consume 16 billion quarts of popped corn annually, 70% within the home. This growth in “POP”ularity has led to the unique creative presentation of the little kernel of corn.

Snack food lovers now have a new “POP”ortunity to satisfy their continued fascination with the ever “POP”ular and nutritious American favorite–POPCORN. “Crazy Maizy’s” Fabulous Popcorn Factory offers a variety of flavors that put an inventive twist on the classic original. Whether enjoying one of their many savory cheddars like “Cheddar Cheddar Who’s Got the Cheddar”, one of their seasoned blends like “Midnight Cravings” (Dill Pickle), one of their fruit flavors such as “Sher-Berry” (Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberry), or “Little G’s Caramel Queen” (caramel corn), there is bound to be a “POP”corn munchie that will tantalize your taste buds.

Thank you Crazy Maizy’s for making my X-mas party Fabulous! Everyone loved your popcorn!! You are at the TOP of MY list

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